The Channel Partner Alliance Supply Side Supporters

Are you prepared to support and recruit stronger channel partners?

The Channel Partner Alliance was created specifically for VARs, MSPs, ITSPs, MSSPs, and ISVs to help them build a bigger, better, stronger, and smarter business through better business practices.

When partners follow best practices, they sell more, grow faster, make more money, and last longer! Such partners are essential for sales predictability and sustainability! These are the partners you want!

Vendors and distributors can become “CPA Supply-Side Partners” in order to assist their channel partners in improving their businesses and increasing sales.

Simply refer your partners to explore the program; or sponsor individual partners; or offer MDF to assist your partners in lowering their membership fees, or license the platform to low full access to your partners.

You will also have unique opportunities to reach, educate, and recruit members.

You may also provide a special group discount to CPA members, but this is not required (100 percent of any discounts are always passed on to CPA members).

ROI is simple to calculate. Simply track the sales growth of your CPA member partners.

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