Channel Partner Alliance MasterMind Peer Groups

Even though Napoleon Hill developed the concept over 80 years ago, mastermind peer groups are still relatively new to most people (Read his book “Think and Grow Rich”). A Mastermind group is intended to assist you in navigating challenges by leveraging the collective intelligence of others.

Channel Partner Alliance has modernized the Mastermind Peer Group program for channel partners. CPA has curated the best knowledge, tools, and experts to assist all types of MSPs in accelerating their success. We’ve assembled an army of coaches to assist MSPs in improving every aspect of their business.

All fees are clearly stated with no fine print.

What is a Mastermind Peer Group?

A group of eight people brainstorms to overcome ANY business challenge with peer to peer accountability and support. It helps you and your mastermind group members improve business and personal abilities to achieve greater success. Members are encouraged to establish lofty goals and, more importantly, to attain them.

Your mastermind group is essentially a combination of an objective board of directors, a success team, and a peer advisory group.

The bottom line!

Members of the peer-group will develop the very best business practises to build recurring revenue that is predictable, sustainable and profitable.

You should not join a Mastermind group if you are:

  • Unwilling to fully engage and participate

  • Unable to commit to attending meetings

  • Unable to be vulnerable and honest

If you are interested in joining a Mastermind group, you should be:

Looking to surround yourself with highly motivated people who are willing to accept help and learn from others’ mistakes looking to reinforce positive steps with accountability and willing to invest in yourself.

It’s best to experience it in person to fully grasp it, but here’s a rundown of our “Mastermind” peer-group program: 

The “hot” seat

The “Hot Seat” is a powerful tool in a MasterMind group. The Hot Seat is when a member is given the focus of the group’s collective experience to solve a specific and immediate issue that will be of the utmost benefit to them. The Hot Seat participant will receive definite steps, expertise, resources, and even encouragement to move forward in this structured environment. An interesting side effect of the Hot Seat is that everyone usually takes away something useful from the discussion.)


Accountability is essential! Goals will never be achieved without it. Accountability in front of your peers is a highly motivating factor. It completes the task and provides a substantial reward. As your peers and coaches support and cheer you on, you will feel more empowered to keep moving toward your goals. This unique peer-to-peer accountability will encourage every team member to step up and do the job correctly!

The power of an honest NO and feedback

Getting feedback from friends and family is unlikely to provide you with the truth that you require in business. How much time and money could you save if you avoided errors? In a Mastermind group, you will receive candid, yet respectful feedback from peers who truly understand the situation. While good ideas are encouraged, bad ideas are exposed. In some cases, a simple course correction may mean the difference between success and failure, whereas for others, abandoning a bad idea may be the best thing that ever happened to them!

Helping Hands Commitment

“There is more happiness in giving than receiving.”

It’s incredibly satisfying to be able to assist someone in resolving a problem or provide feedback that has a positive impact on their lives. Try it for yourself to get a sense of it! Join a group of incredible people whose combined experience will allow each member to outperform their competitors. Many Mastermind members become close friends. And, as the community of many other peer groups grow, there is a group-force that continues to empower every member by learning from OTHER peer-groups!

The first day of your experience begins with a Mastermind introduction session where you will meet the other members of the group. This is where relationships will begin to form, and the group will be able to reach an agreement on those topics where external, expert support and teamwork can achieve transformational change! As a result of the first meeting, the group will tentatively agree on the topics and coaches who will lead future sessions. The group may choose to focus on specific topics or to spread the subject matter for a broader impact from the pool of coaches available.

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